The TC-180 circular saw is specially designed and suitable for cutting and rectifying large format pieces.

This power tool allows the user to reduce the handling of heavy or unwieldy parts. Thus achieving greater efficiency in the work of installing large format pieces.

The TC-180 circular saw works with 180 mm diameter diamond blades and is equipped to work in both wet cutting (hose connection) or dry cutting (vacuum cleaner connection).

The user can easily adjust the cutting thickness up to 55 mm, and it can be adapted to the nature of the various materials to be cut.

Other notable features of the TC-180 circular saw is that it has a lateral stop (as standard) which guides the cut along the side edge of the material itself, or if more precision required, especially in bigger formats, the TC-180 can be connected to a system of connector guides (optional accessory) allowing precise and safe cutting along its whole length.

Its 6.7 kg weight makes this power tool highly appreciated by the professional installer of large format ceramic tiles.


ITEM NO.: 50956 - DB nr.: 1547372 - 80CM GUIDE FOR TC-180
ITEM NO.: 50959 - DB nr.: 1900376 - 120CM GUIDE FOR TC-180
ITEM NO.: 50957 - DB nr.: 1547374 - RUBI GUIDE RAIL CONNECTOR
ITEM NO.: 50958 - DB nr.: 1547375 - RUBI C-CLAMP 

Max. Flisebredde
Max. Flise længde
Max. Diagonalsnit
Max. Tykkelse55 mm
Klinge Diameter mm180 mm
Motorstørrelse kW1,8kW
Vægt kg.6,7
Vare nr.50939
Tun nr.1547367 
VVS nr.